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Consultation - February to April 2017

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First published on the website of The White Hills Park Federation Trust on 27th February 2017 in line with reference in previous article: "The formal consultation letter will be published on our websites from Monday"
As a result of the earlier significant change application resulting in the re-location of Bramcote School to the Bramcote College site in Autumn 2017 and the closure of the Bramcote School site, The White Hills Park Federation Trust have undertaken some significant work in relation to the re-provision of the Bramcote School.

Both the Bramcote School and Bramcote College sites have surplus playing field land, and therefore the detached playing field adjacent to Coventry Lane has been identified for disposal to support the re-provision of the Bramcote School which will result in improved facilities for the student, school and the local community.

Notice is hereby given that the White Hills Park Federation Trust intends to apply to the Secretary of State for the disposal of the detached playing fields adjacent to Coventry lane under Schedule 1 of the Academies Act 2010 and Section 77 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998.  This area is approximately 10 Hectares of land, which has not been used for over 8 years.  Discussions are being held with both Broxtowe Borough Council and Nottingham County Council with respect to the future use of this land.

Notice is also given that The White Hills Park Federation Trust intends to apply to the Secretary of State for the return of the lease of the main Bramcote School site to Nottingham County Council under Schedule 1 of the Academies Act 2010.  This is approximately 4.7 hectares and incorporates only the school buildings.   No decision has been taken at this time regarding the future use of this site.

The consultation period will run from Monday 27th February to Sunday 9th April inclusive.  The White Hills Park Federation Trust would like to receive your response should you either support or reject the proposals above, and would be very grateful to any parents, friends or members of the local school community who take the time to respond to the short survey.  We will also be asking parents to give their views at any school events that are held during the consultation period, and there will also be a public consultation event on Wednesday 29th March 2017* if you wish to find out more about the proposals, see the detail of the school plans, and give your comments and suggestions. This will be an opportunity to see the whole project coming to life, and to understand how the new schools will look and operate.

The online consultation can be accessed via the following link:

*Public consultation event date changed to Wednesday 19th April 2017

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